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"Hotel Del Luna" Episodes 7 and 8 Had Won our Hearts

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 14, 2019 01:44 PM EDT

Hotel De Luna
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The man who did the crime did not feel any guilt from his wrongdoings. He can't even remember the woman because he had many victims. A woman committed suicide because of what he did.

Kim Yoo Na and Jin Hyung Joong's relationship becomes sweeter. Jin Hyung Joong is always there whenever Yoo Na needs him. He doesn't know that Yoo Na has a big crush on him. Does he likes her too or he thinks of her as his sister only?

We were too focused on Man Wol and Chung Myung's relationship development. We forgot to look into Chung Myung trying to get all of Man Wol's trust just to use her.  When Man Wol fell in love with him, he goes to Princess Song Hwa to plan of killing Man Wol's friends. What is the real motive of Chung Myung? It is possible that he only wanted Song Hwa to spare Man Wol's life. A very sad scene happened when Yeon Woo bravely smiled at Man Wol before he was hanged.

The princess was reborn into Mi Ra's body. She is Chan Sung's ex-girlfriend who always borrows money. Man Wol got so angry because Mi Ra has no recollection of her past. Man Wol attempted to curse her by planting false memory as her parents abandon her in the amusement park to her mother telling she should never be born. It is hard to see Man Wol at his worst because she despised Mi Ra so much. We hope that time will heal her and she will learn to forgive.

Chan Sung became so selfless. He doesn't want Man Wol to do cruel things. He did not give up on the person she loves. He hugs Man Wol's evil creation and the curse got into him instead. Chan Sung will sacrifice everything just to save Man Wol from being evil. 

The new Ma Go was the most ruthless among her 3 sisters. She punished the ghost who only seeks revenge on the men who hurt her. The fourth Ma Go believes that Man Wol will also face a painful fate. Ma Go is harsh on spirits like Man Wol, who wanted to punish the people who only wronged her.

Man Wol decided to disappear and leave Chan Sung.  She doesn't want to harm the people she cares about. Chan Sung will never leave her, so she decided to leave him instead. We hope that this frustrating separation will not last long.

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