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Weki Meki's Kim Doyeon Makes Cameo Appearance in New JTBC drama

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 14, 2019 01:20 PM EDT

(Photo : allkpop)

The new JTBC series, Melo Is My Nature, unveiled in its new stills that Weki Meki's Kim Doyeon will be making a cameo appearance.

Upon the revelation of the new stills about Kim Doyeon's surprise appearance. According to the reports, Doyeon will portray the character of a popular idol group member. In the photos, she is seen sitting prettily, giving quite the vibe of sassiness. In front of her are Jae Hoon (portrayed by Gong Myung) and Han Joo (portrayed by Han Ji Eun) while clutching a packet of fried chicken. It's obvious that there is some sense of tension between the two parties, judging from Doyeon's not-so-pleased look and the two others' anxious expressions.

A source from the production team shared, "Kim Doyeon happily agreed to the cameo appearance, and she was energetic and lively on set. Though she wasn't with us for a long time, she boasted great chemistry with Han Ji Eun and Gong Myung, and was very professional throughout filming."

The staff added, "Her charming personality won everyone over on set, and we hope viewers will feel her energy too."

Meanwhile, Weki Meki just celebrated their second anniversary, and to express their thankfulness to their fans, they released the repackaged album WEEKEND LOL as their summer comeback. On August 7, the 8-piece outfit unveiled a teaser image of them seated on the grass as if having a picnic, as they cling onto the pastel-hued, doughnut-shaped, shell-shaped, and flamingo-formed life-buoys.

Weki Meki also held a fan meeting at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, titled Weki Meki 2nd Wonderful Moment ~PICNIC~, on the same day of their repackage album release. The title track, Tiki Taka (99 Percent), is a football terminology commonly used in Korea that means movement and short passing.

The girl group is known for delivering synchronized movements during performances, which means that the new song will incorporate powerful and upbeat choreography.

Weki Meki debuted on August 8, 2017, with their mini-album WEME. Prior to this, two of their members, Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoo-Jung, started their career as idols in the band I.O.I. in Produce 101's first season.

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