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‘Heirs’ Lee Min Ho Suggests Park Shin Hye, “Let’s Elope”

Angela Son | Nov 21, 2013 12:43 PM EST

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"Heirs" Lee Min Ho suggested to Park Shin Hye that they elope together.

In the 14th episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday Thursday drama "Pretty Boy," which aired in the evening of November 21, 2013, You Ra Hel (Kim Ji Won) found out the real identity of Choi Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), that she is a daughter of a maid in Kim Tan's house.

In this episode, You Ra Hel went to Kim Tan's (Lee Min Ho) house to meet his mom, Han Gi Ae (Kim Sung Ryung). At Kim Tan's house, You Ra Hel found Eun Sang's school uniform, and found out that Eun Sang had been living with Kim Tan in his house and that she is a daughter of a maid in Kim Tan's house.

You Ra Hel, angry, threw out Eun Sang's school uniform in the trash. When Eun Sang asked Ra Hel about it, Ra Hel said, "This is only a start. Do you think my anger will subside at something miniscule like this?"

You Ra Hel had been commanding Eun Sang to transfer to another high school. She threatened to Eun Sang that, if she does not transfer to another high school, sho would disclose Eun Sang's identity of a maid's daughter and Kim Tan's identity that he is an illegitimate son. You Ra Hel added, "If I cannot have what I want, I will make both of you fall."

Then Kim Tan came into the house. He said to You Ra Hel, "I wanted to keep the friendship between us. But I think I would rather just lose another friend," claiming an end to their friendship.

Then Kim Tan got angry at Eun Sang for not letting Kim Tan know about this and trying to get through this alone.

Kim Tan then suggested to Eun Sang, "Let's elope. Let's go to America." Eun Sang then said, "It sounds good, but I cannot leave my mom," rejecting his offer.

Earlier in this day's episode, Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) and Kim Tan had fought for Eun Sang.

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