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‘Heirs’ Trailer, “Kim Tan So Cool”… Is This Because He Was Drunk?

By Staff Writer | Nov 25, 2013 08:21 PM EST

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‘Heirs’ Trailer, “Kim Tan So Cool”… Is This Because He Was Drunk?
(Photo : SBS)

On the 14th episode of the SBS drama "Heirs ... Those Who Wish To Be Crowed, Stand The Weight", the trailer for the 15th episode was aired during the end of a rerun.

In the trailer of the 15th episode, Cha Eun Sang said to Kim Tan, "Kim Tan you're so cool Kim Tan" and confessed her feelings as if she was drunk and at Kim Tan's words saying, "Stop being so cute.  Your'e really dangerous now," Cha Eun Sang said, "I've started liking you" and confessed her feelings as the two showed a deepened relationship.

In addition, Kim Tan said to his older brother, "I've changed my mind.  Do you want my stocks.  Then you try to take that from me" and declared his feelings as this predicted a deepened conflict.

Meanwhile, CEO Kim said to his son Kim Tan, "You don't need to go to school.  If it's hard to deal with this kid, then you can get hurt" and warned him as viewers' curiosities peaked.

Netizens who saw the trailer for the 15th episode said, "Heirs 15th episode trailer, was Cha Eun Sang drunk? Her cuteness is adorable." "Heirs 15th episode trailer, Did Myung Soo force Cha Eun Sang alcohol?" "Heirs 15th episode makes me want to see this even more"

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