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'Poltergeist' Reboot Release Date Set For Valentine Weekend 2015! 20th Century Fox Afraid 'The Longest Ride' Will Tank Next To '50 Shades Of Grey'? Fans Say They Shouldn't Be!

By Staff Writer | Jan 15, 2014 01:33 PM EST


It looks like it will be "50 Shades of Grey" vs "Poltergeist" reboot on Valentines Weekend on 2015 as 20th Century Fox has changed the "Poltergeist" reboot release date from an Easter weekend release  to a Valentine weekend release.

20th Century Fox announced that the "Poltergeist" reboot release date its reboot is on February 13, 2015. A Friday the 13th.

It seems like an ideal date for a PG-rated horror movie, it is a Friday the 13th on Valentine's Day weekend after all but it will have to go against Universal's "50 Shades of Grey," which is already set to debut that weekend.

Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel, "The Longest Ride" will open on April 3, 2015 instead of February 13, 2015, avoiding a Valentine's Day showdown next year with "50 Shades of Grey" female-skewing romantic drama that is based on the best-selling book by E.L James.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, studio insiders say the switch gives them more time to finish "The Longest Ride". They also note that female targeted movies do strong business during the Easter holiday.

Fans of the book though are not happy with the schedule change. Some fans took to various forums and posted that "50 Shades of Grey" should have romance movie competition come valentine weekend. Some have even stated that "50 Shades of Grey" will flop.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the other changes and additions 20th Century Fox did to its release calendar is changing the "Night at the Museum 3" release date from Dec. 25 to Dec. 19.

And the studio has also set a July 29, 2016, release for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3".

Rounding out its 2014 summer schedule, Fox will open R-rated action-comedy "Let's Be Cops" on Aug. 13. The film stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.

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