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Lana Del Rey 2014 Album Ultra Violence Sounds ‘Wrong And Exquisite,’ Says The Singer

By Staff Writer | Feb 03, 2014 02:50 PM EST

The New York-born hitmaker Lana Del Rey have been mum about what to expect from her 2nd album, but she finally updated her fans that the record is "finished and it's beautiful."

Answering queries from twitter, the "Summertime Sadness" singer assured her loyal following that they "will love Ultra - it's wrong and exquisite."

"It is absolutely gorgeous - darker then the first - so dark it's almost unlistenable and wrong," she continued. "But I love it."

It has been more than 3 years since the release of her 1st LP Born to Die and many demo tracks have leaked online after an alleged theft of her hard drive containing new material early last year. Del Rey did not take the incident lightly.

Speaking to Radio.com, she admitted: "I do feel discouraged, yeah. I don't really know what to put on the record. But I guess I could just put them on and see what happens. Each time I write... I'll never write a song if I don't think it's going to be perfect for the record."

New music was heard from the "Video Games" singer with the inclusion of the Great Gatsby track, 'Young & Beautiful' and recently, her 'Once Upon a Dream' cover for the new Disney movie, "Maleficent".

It did not help that she was also vague in describing the new record last year: "when people ask me about it, I just have to be honest - I really don't know... I don't want to say, 'Yeah, definitely - the next one's better than this one,' because I don't really hear a next one. My muse is very fickle. She only comes to me sometimes, which is annoying."

No further details was announced about her 2nd album, but she finally confided to her fans in the premier of her short film 'Tropico' last December that "I really just wanted us all to be together so I could close the chapter before I release my new album."

Lana Del Rey 2014 Album "Ultra Violence" is expected to drop early this year.

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