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'Dying Light' Release Date Pushed Back? [VIDEO] New Trailer 'Humanity' Shows Emotional Side Of Zombie Apocalypse!

By Staff Writer | Feb 12, 2014 12:14 PM EST

When Techland announced that something will happen on February 11, 2014, fans expected one of two things, a release date reveal or a playable demo will be released. Not only did Techland not release a demo but the release date might have been pushed back as well.

Amazon revealed that "Dying Light" release date will be on March 31, 2014 however once development of the game kept on progressing, the "Dying Light" release date was changed to December 31, 2014, which means that "Dying Light" will not be released on March but the release date will be sometime this 2014.

Techland recently released a new trailer for "Dying Light" called "Humanity". The new teaser trailer sets up the world of "Dying Light" and it shows how far to the brink of extinction "humanity" has been pushed.

The trailer is similar to the "Dead Island" trailers in which it is cinematic and does little to explain anything about the game that most of "Dying Light" fans didn't already know.

If there is something in the trailer that hints at how the game will play is that things elevate in both intensity and danger when the light dies and night falls.

Players will have to contend with far more aggressive enemies as they battle to complete the objectives and save people from the massive hordes while battling against that always present factor of time and the "dying" light.

Along the way there are traps and tricks that players can utilize to help them overcome the massive amount of zombie hordes. So far, the trailers have shown no indication of weapons perfectly suited to fight off the zombies.

What sets the gameplay in "Dying Light" apart from countless other zombie games is that the game sports a heavy focus on environmental travel. The game is tuned around free running or parkour almost identical to the way it was presented in DICE's Mirror's Edge making the gameplay more about running away from the fight instead of "Rambo-ing" in and taking on the zombies head-on.

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