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Can Yuna Kim Beat Julia Lipnitskaira At Sochi 2014 Olympics And Repeat Gold Medal Like Katarina Witt And Sonja Henie?

By Staff Writer | Feb 12, 2014 10:37 PM EST


Yuna Kim will be competing with Russian figure skater, Julia Lipnitskaira at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

This year, the top skaters in the world including Yuna Kim, Mao Asada, Julia Lipnitskaia, Carolina Kostner and Gracie Gold will be fiercely competing against each other.

Since 15-year-old Lipnitskaia skated her way to gold during the figure skating team events on Saturday and Sunday, the media has been focusing primarily on the competition between Yuna and Julia.

The young skater's performance received recognition from President Putin himself as well as her home crowd.

According to the Global Post, the Russian skater has led the field with 72.90 points in the short program and 141.51 points in free skating.

The total of 214.41 is already nearly 10 points better than Yuna's score from the Golden Spin of Zagreb last December and only four points away from Kim's winning score at last year's world championships.

"Queen Yuna" has yet to go against the Russian skater, but has told reporters before going to Sochi, "It doesn't help me to pay too much attention to how others perform. What's most important is getting the scores I have targeted... Unlike Lipnitskaia, this is my last Olympics bid so it's different for me."

She has remained calm and collected, telling reports at Incheon International Airport, "No one skater can perform well every time, and judging standards may also change. I can't control them. I have to skate the best I can and accept the result."

The Korean figure skating icon broke a couple world records when she won gold with 228.56 points at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

There have only been two women, Katarina Witt and Sonja Henie, who have repeated as gold medalists in figure skating.

Will Yuna be one of them?

Kim has told Eurosport in December, "I've already achieved my goal of winning an Olympic gold medal so I don't have any burden or feel greedy about results."

She added, "I might get distracted if I keep thinking about this being my last competition. To me, it will be just another event. Like I have done all along, I will try to concentrate on the task at hand, and then I will feel relieved at the end of it all." 

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