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Teen Mom 2 News: Leah Calvert 2014 Divorce May Be Reality While Chelsea Housaka’s Baby Daddy Suffers Car Crash, Jenelle Evans’ Ridiculous Baby Registry Causes Uproar

By Staff Writer | Mar 05, 2014 11:35 AM EST


"Teen Mom 2" is another reality television show we can't stop watching.

Lately, there has been some news that needs to be addressed in the lives of Leah Calvert, Chelsea Housaka and Jenelle Evans.

Leah Calvert may have to experience a divorce from her husband Jeremy Calvert in 2014. Examiner.com has reported that the "Teen Mom 2" couple has been going through a difficult time during the current season of the show.

On March 3, Leah reportedly tweeted, "What's happened has happened. What's done is done. The past is the past. I'm living in the present. And bettering my future. #truth."

A second tweet followed with, "Let it go, it's not worth it anymore."

As Leah prepares for divorce, Chelsea Housaka's baby daddy struggles to recover from a car crash. The "Teen Mom 2" star's Adam Lind was rescued from his Corvette just minutes before it exploded in flames, according to Radar Online.

The gossip website has reported that Lind is currently in good condition, fortunately for Chelsea and Adam's daughter, Aubree.

"Teen Mom 2" news continues with Jenelle Evans who recently caused an uproar with her ridiculous baby registry.

The teenager reportedly had a baby registry on Babies "R" Us that included "three cribs, four high chairs, close to 70 bottles, seven breast pumps, and 13 diaper bags."

Noticeably missing were baby clothes, a play mat and a play pen.

Of more than 150 comments posted in regards to Jenelle's registry, examiner.com reports that the majority was negative.

Jenelle was accused of registering for multiple high-cost items so that she could sell them off later for money.

The "Teen Mom 2" star canceled her registry due to all the drama and tweeted, "now I just canceled my baby registry all together, thanks so f**king much for being psychopaths after I spent 3 hours on it."

There is more "Teen Mom 2" news to come in the near future.

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