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Pacquiao Vs Bradley 2: Manny Cannot Win If He Is Not Catholic Says Some Filipino Boxing Fans As Freddie Roach Admits Using Bible Verses To Motivate 'Pacman'

By Staff Writer | Apr 08, 2014 06:20 AM EDT

Team Pacquiao is doing some unconventional stuff while preparing for Pacquiao vs Bradley 2.

Freddie Roach told "The Sweet Science" that he was frank with Manny Pacquiao when he said to him "It's been four years since he had a knockout, and I told Manny, 'That's why your paydays are getting are lower and the pay-per-view audiences (have dropped off some). That's what people really wanna see, they wanna see knockouts."

According to Freddie Roach, it is clear that Manny Pacquiao's killer-instinct is lower than when he was still known as the "mexi-cutioner" and even Timothy Bradley even told Pacquiao in person that Pacquiao lost his killer-instinct.

Because of this Freddie Roach decided to use an unconventional training tool to help guide "Pacman" into reclaiming his lost killer-instinct, they will use bible verses to motivate Pacquiao into knocking out Bradley.

"I have found in the Bible, there's some killer instinct in the Bible, Manny's very into the Bible, and I will show him those verses. You gotta do what you gotta do. I don't know the Bible well, but I've had people research it for me. There's a lot of war, a lot of violence, a lot of killer instinct in there."

For some Manny Pacquiao fans, Manny would not only need God on his side for Pacquiao vs Bradley 2, he would also need to be Catholic in order to win the match.

One memorable incident occurred when Manny's mother took to Philippine TV and said that Manny changing religion was the cause of his KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

While the video is entirely Filipino, the gist of it was Manny's mother, Dionisia Pacquiao criticizing him for abandoning the rosary.

When Manny had back-to-back losses, some Filipinos blamed his defeats on Pacquiao changing religion from Catholic to Born-Again Christian. They noted that once he went back to Catholicism, he won his fight against Brandon Rios.

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