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Pacific Rim 2 Confirmed: Guillermo Del Toro Mecha Movie Sequel Inspired By Voltron As Rumors Spread Of Jaegers Combining To Form Super Robot!

By Staff Writer | Apr 23, 2014 04:42 AM EDT


Finally here's some Pacific Rim 2 news for you! Pacific Rim 2 is now being planned and Guillermo Del Toro is now writing a draft of the story.

Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull confirmed that he and Guillermo Del Toro are talking about Pacific Rim 2 and they are planning all the new stuff that will appear on the movie:

"I was literally just with Guillermo on the set of Crimson Peak," said Tull. "We talk about it and have some pretty great ideas. If they come to fruition and we get a great script, then we're open to it. Fans seem pretty passionate about it and working with Guillermo. So, we're open to it."

And Guillermo Del Toro is doing just that as it was reported that he is now writing a script/story draft to Pacific Rim 2

And not only that there are rumors circulating in various social networking sites that Pacific Rim 2 will take some cues from iconic Japanese mecha animes in that Pacific Rim 2 will have Jaegers that will be formed via "combining" similar to Voltron!

This rumor comes from the fact that in Pacific Rim, the Kaiju's were being created to specifically counter the Jaegers. How can the humans counter the ever adapting Kaijus? By making Jaegers with "changing" parts by having it combine with different body parts each fight.

Of course this is just a rumor and they might not go on this route but since Pacific Rim is a tribute to Japanese Mecha/Kaiju culture, they will certainly make a nod to this sort of concept.

What do you think about Pacific Rim 2 and this theory? Sound off in the comments below!

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