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Godzilla 2014 Sequel Monster Is Mothra Confirmed! Gareth Edwards Looking Into MechaGodzilla For Trilogy Finale! Will It Happen?

BY Gunther Barbosa | Jun 24, 2014 12:11 PM EDT

The Godzilla 2014 sequel and part 3 has been confirmed, effectively making the Godzilla films into a trilogy. Who will Godzilla fight next?

First things first, when the Godzilla 2014 movie was being made, Legendary pictures only trademarked Godzilla as the Kaiju to appear in the movie and that the other Kaiju's to appear in the movie are original creations for the movie.  As the production of the movie went along there have been reports that in the in the Godzilla 2014 sequel, Legendary Pictures trademarked one Kaiju from the Godzilla mythos and that Kaiju is mothra!

This Mothra tease has been given credence due to fact that almost every time the production crew was asked as to who would they like to see fight their version of Godzilla, they would always say Mothra.

Mothra has already been hinted at in Godzilla 2014, when a shot during return of Bryan Cranston's character to his house in Japan showed a broken tank with a label that has "Mothra" inscribed on it.

One look at the wiki for Mothra shows that the kaiju has been portrayed using a number of special abilities. It has been shown to have the ability to spray silk, metamorphose, fly, generate hurricane-force wind, scatter poison, drop wings and use various magical energy attacks. According to character profiles it has been given in supporting media, Mothra measures 30-180 meters long and weigh 9,000 -15,000 tons in its larval form, and possess a weight of 15,000 -25,000 tons and a wingspan of 75 -250 meters in its imago form.

The Movie News Hound reported that Gareth Edwards allegedly told reporters that he sees the Godzilla franchise ending with the humans trying to create their own version of Godzilla and it will end badly for the humans. Could this mean that Mechagodzilla will appear on Godzilla 3 after Motha lays down the trashing on the Godzilla 2014 sequel?

Which Kaiju do you want to see in the Godzilla 2014 sequel? Sound off in the comments below!

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