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Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Leak: Super Smash Bros, Wii U Launch Nov21, Smaller Nintendo 3DSL Console Bundle Rumored

BY jakewriter | Aug 01, 2014 12:30 AM EDT

Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Leak: Super Smash Bros. Wii U To Launch Nov.21, Nintendo 3DSL Consort Bundle Rumor, Release After 'Black Friday', Before 'Holiday 24' Launch Window

A game play report disclosed that a GamesStop manager released the date of launch for the Wii U version, without putting his name on the information.Not a Herculean task to do, but it's nonetheless done. The leak said the Super Smash Bros. version of Wii U would launch on  Nov. 21. That date seems like  'common-sense.' since it is ahead of  Black Friday, the traditional holiday season ahead of  Christmas. It also falls before the 'Holiday 24" launch window.
According to rumors over what the GameStop manager heard the Super Smash Bros.version of Wii U will come with free Amiibo figures. These Amiibo figrures were introduced at the E3 presentation. These figurines are able to interact with certain Wii U games, and the concept has been takne from the 'Skylanders' series, the Latin Times reports.
Howevever, the real question will surround around what Amiibo will distributed to players. In the best case scenario, the best candidate in the franchise is Mario or Nintendo might plan to give away separate bundles with various figures. This might include Luigi,Link, Donkey Kong. It remains to be seen what Nintendo will add to its products in the form freebees.The ultimate question to ask is why don't Nintendo 3DSL Bundle be given away as a console bundle?
Other rumors surround the Nintendo bundling scenario is Smash Edition 3DS XL bundle, which are smaller bundled consoles catering to an economy that might have outgrown the Nintendo games of 2014. If the prices come down for the Nintendo,PS4 and Windows Xbox One, it is sending a message that young adults are moving on to seek more value from the competitive economy.Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle is now discounted at Amazon for players who just can't wait till costs run lower in December.  

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