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‘High Kick 3’ Kim Ji Won Rejects Lee Jong Suk, “Don’t Like Me’

By Staff Writer | Mar 03, 2012 02:02 PM EST

High Kick 3

On the 2nd, Kim Ji Won realizes Jong Suk's affection for her after she returned from her vacation due to her rejection by Kye Sang.

Ji Won, after finding out Jong Suk's feelings, tells him, "Don't like me," leaving both unfortunate.

Ji Won left on a vacation to comfort her heart after being rejected by Kye Sang. Before she departed, Jong Suk gave Ji Won a lunchbox that he made himself along with a hot pack, and told her to come back safely.

As she was taking photos and clearing her feelings, Ji Won suddenly realized that Jong Suk liked her.

When Ji Won returned to Seoul, she discovered Jong Suk waiting for her at the bus stop, and by looking at his red hands, she could figure out that he had been waiting for her for a long time.

Ji Won asks Jong Suk while they walked and he carried her bag, "You like me, huh?" Jung Suk replied quietly, "Yes," confessing his feelings that he had hidden.

However, Ji Won responded, "Stop it. You can't change how I feel, so don't like me." To this, Jong Suk expressed his unchanging feelings, "Can you do that if it were you? Can you stop your feelings if it were you?"

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