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'Glowing She' So Yi Hyun-Kim Hyung Joon Couple Shakes The Hearts’ Of Women!!

By Staff Writer | Mar 12, 2012 02:23 PM EDT

Glowing She

KBS Drama's "Glowing She" Kang Min(played by top star Kim Hyung Joon) and Jun Ji Hyun(played by So Yi Hyun)developing relationship has the female audience at the edge of their seats!

The 11th episode of the show featured a kiss between the couple that grabbed the attention of the audience with the powerful confession and showed another side of the characters: "Don't care about anybody else's business," "My girl's business, I will protect!"

Kim Hyung Joon continues his confession with "like an insane person, I'm constantly thinking about you." The audience responds with, "It was forceful yet very sweet," "If you're a man, you need to have this side of you," etc.

In the show, So Yi hyun is approached by her ex-boyfriend who is always caring and worrying about her, putting her in a tough situation of a love triangle.

The focus audience of this show is definitely females ages 20-30. They respond with, "Having two men with different attractive qualities make the drama fun," "Showing the cool side of men makes hearts race," raising the expectation of the drama. 

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