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Oculus Rift Consumer Version Release Date Confirmed As Full Reveal And Demo Set For EGX 2014 And Oculus Connect; Price Of VR Headset Revealed By OVR!

BY Gunther Barbosa | Sep 09, 2014 07:57 AM EDT


The Oculus Rift consumer version release date has been revealed and that a playable demo along with its full reveal is set for EGX 2014 and Oculus Connect on September 2014!

TechTimes has reported that Oculus is going to launch an event called Oculus Connect on September 2014 and the much anticipated Oculus Rift consumer version would be making its debut there.

Fans have been waiting for the Oculus Rift consumer version release date for months now. When Oculus revealed that after the Oculus Rift DK2 dev cycle was done, the Oculus Rift consumer version release date was next in line.

And now, in a report by Cyberland, The Oculus Rift consumer version release date is on May 2015. Data from the Oculus Rift DK2 beta testers would be collected and the DK2 would be used as a base for the Oculus Rift consumer version release date.

But what can you expect on the device when the Oculus Rift consumer version release date hits? PC Advisor notes:

"The consumer-oriented version of the Oculus Rift is in development and will feature at greater than 1080p low-persistence-of-vision OLED display. We hope to see wireless connectivity, although there is some debate on this point. Expect there to be 7in displays, with 24-bit colour depth."

"That 7in display will use stereoscopic 3D to mimic normal human vision. This means that the left eye sees extra space to the left and the right eye sees more to the right. This gives Oculus Rift a great field of view than previous VR headsets."

"The Oculus Rift for developers weighs 379g. The headset also has a motion-tracking system that uses an external camera which tracks infrared dots located on the headset. The consumer Oculus Rift will include a 1000 Hz Adjacent Reality Tracker. This should reduce to almost nothing the sensation of lag in tracking. Oculus Rift uses a combination of 3-axis gyros, accelerometers, and magnetometers."

"Expect DVI and HDMI inputs. There's also a USB interface for sending tracking data, and a power adapter to connect the control box to a power outlet."

VG 24/7 has also reported on the price of the Oculus Rift Consumer version:

“We want to stay in that $200-$400 price range,” OVR co-founder Nate Mitchell said. “That could slide in either direction depending on scale, pre-orders, the components we end up using, business negotiations.”

“Whatever it is, it’s going to be as cheap as possible,” added co-founder Palmer Luckey. “That’s really the goal.”

Are you excited to get it once the Oculus Rift consumer version release date hits? Sound off in the comments below!

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