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'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun Is Shocked After Finding Out Lee Min Ho Is General Choi Young "That Psycho Is Who?"

By Staff Writer | Aug 22, 2012 09:02 AM EDT

'Great Doctor' Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun of 'Great Doctor' was shocked after finding out that Lee Min Ho is the historical general Choi Young. 

The 4th episode of the SBS Monday Tuesday drama 'Great Doctor' (screenplay by Song Jin Na/ produced by Kim Jong Hak and Shin Yong Hwi) aired on August 21st. In this episode, Yoo Eun Soo(Kim Hee Sun) belatedly found a sense of reality.

King Gongmin(Ryu Deok Hwan) asked Yoo Eun Soo, "be the doctor of this nation." Yoo Eun Soo replied, "I have to go back. I was kidnapped and almost kidnapped to be killed again in this place, I'll pretend like it didn't happen. Let me take Goryeo celadons and a few drawings when I go."

King Gongmin replied, "This nation is suffering from the interference of the Yuan Dynasty. Since succumbed to Yuan Dynasty...", and was explaining the situation that Goryeo was in. While listening to king Gongmin, she memorized the genealogy of Goryeo's kings and said, "I'm pretty good at memorizing. So, you're king Gongmin?", and she finally realized his identity.

She then spoke out of excitement, "then the Yuan Dynasty princess is princess Noguk? Wow this is shocking. You both are really famous. You're good at drawing, right? If you go to Mapo-gu, there is a king Gongmin shrine and it contains your drawings. There's also a shrine for general Choi Young next to it."

Jo Il Shin(Lee Byung Joon)" said, "Choi Young? Woodalchi's general? Why is that person's shrine in the heavens?", and scoffed. Yoo Eun Soo replied, "What do you mean he's the general? That psycho that I stabbed, is who?"

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