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Han Ji Min Seen Wearing A Hanbok, Sexy See Through Blouse 'A Pure Girl's Unexpected Charms'

By Staff Writer | Sep 16, 2012 10:57 AM EDT

Han Ji Min

Actress Han Ji Min was seen wearing a beautiful hanbok. 

Recently, a picture with the title 'Han Ji Min Who Is Wearing A Hanbok, Goddess Appearance,' was uploaded on an online community's notice board. This was a picture of Han Ji Min during her filming for a skincare commercial. 

In the pictures that were released, Han Ji Min is seen gracefully wearing a hanbok. Han Ji Min was wearing a nude colored see through blouse and a jade colored skirt, and was seen with an alluring appearance. 

Han Ji Min slightly showed her skin while wearing a blouse and showed her sexy charms. She also wore a soft jade colored skirt and showed a graceful appearance at the same time. 

As a skincare brand's model, Han Ji MIn showed flawless skin that had no blemishes and attracted attention. 

Netizens who saw Han Ji Min wearing a hanbok, commented in various ways, "Han Ji Min really is the #1 celebrity who looks good in a hanbok," "no one can follow her appearance in a hanbok," "the male fans must fall head over heels for her, when they see Han Ji Min wear a hanbok."

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