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Does ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Really Need Spider-Man? Working Title ‘Sputnik’ Hints The Death Of Captain America

BY Prudence Charlz | Dec 26, 2014 01:23 AM EST


Can you imagine the Spider-Man not slinging his web in "Captain America: Civil War"?

In Marvel Comics world, it would be hard to imagine the superhero team or what we know the Avengers without Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man as these three characters are the main ones in the Civil War story arc.

But film adaptation always has different approach. Filmmakers have these talents to make the movie as close as possible to the original written stories. That's why it is interesting to know if Marvel would push through with "Captain America: Civil War" without our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Prior to the rumor and the "Sony Hack", Black Panther is being eyed to fill in the part of Spider-Man, who feels conflicted to which side to give his loyalty after The Avengers splits because of the Superhuman Registration Act.

If Marvel and Sony Pictures have really ongoing talks whether or not allow Spider-Man to join in the "Captain America" sequel, then Marvel, perhaps, prefers Web-crawler to be in the Civil War arc.

But things will get complicated for Spider-Man if he appears in the third installment of "Captain America", particularly if Sony will not return the rights to Marvel. "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" has to be changed to streamline the story of Web-slinger based on how he has been introduced in the "Captain America: Civil War".

However, we have to remember that the Civil War story arc will be adapted wherein Captain America is the main character. This means it is possible that the focus of the storyline will be on Captain America.

We can also base the story on the working title revealed by Marvel - "Sputnik".

"During Marvel's 'Death of Captain America' storyline, the word 'Sputnik' was used by Captain America's killers as a verbal "shutdown code" on The Winter Soldier, which The Soviets planted during their brainwashing. It's worth noting that these events happened right after the Civil War miniseries. It's all speculation at this point, but Sputnik may suggest that 'Captain America: Civil War' will also draw inspiration from 'The Death of Captain America' storyline," wrote by Michael Briggs for Design & Trend.

Marvel could use The Winter Soldier as the starting point of the feud between Steve Rogers and Tony Starks instead of focusing the storyline to the Superhuman Registration Act.

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