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Goo Soo Will Go a Date Wih A Fan.

By Staff Writer | Jan 11, 2013 10:26 AM EST

Tags Love 911

Actor Goo Soo will keep his promise and will go and enjoy a date with one of his fans.

Goo Soo promised in the release of his recent movie “Love 911” that if the movie reaches 2 million views, he will go on a date with a lucky fan.

On January 9th, “Love 911” reached the 2 million mark, and one fan was selected. Fans had to post a review of the movie, along with a picture of the movie ticket on the movie site “Max Movie”. The fan was selected at random among those who had entered the contest.

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Actor and fan will enjoy a coffee date, along with a movie.

Goo Soo then made another promise as he said “If the movie hits the 4 million mark, I will have a another date with a fan. I will pick her up at her house, and joy a lovely date.”

“Love 911” starring Goo Soo and Han Hyo Joo, is about Kang Il is a masculine and rude man who has decided to close his heart due to bad experience in the past, while working he will meet Mi Soo a doctor who will help him heal his wounds. While saving other people's lives, these two will help and heal each other.

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