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"Jang Ok Jung Lives for Love" Kim Tae Hee Refuses to Sleep With Yoo Ah In

By Staff Writer | May 01, 2013 01:04 AM EDT

"Jang Ok Jung Lives for Love" Kim Tae Hee Refuses to Sleep With Yoo Ah In
(Photo : SBS) "Jang Ok Jung Lives for Love" Kim Tae Hee Refuses to Sleep With Yoo Ah In

"Jang Ok Jung Lives for Love" Kim Tae Hee refuses to sleep with the king Yoo Ah In.

April 29, the 7th episode of the SBS drama "Jang Ok Jung Lives for Love" featured Jang Ok Jung (Kim Tae Hee) falling into a state of panic after receiving an order to sleep with Lee Soon (Yoo Ah In).

Jagn Ok Jung gets taken away for a bath, then gets a makeover to look beautiful for the king. She is then taken to the room where Lee Soon is.

Jang Ok Jung feels betrayed after discovering Lee Soon's true identity. Jang Ok Jung says to herself, "Was everything created for this moment. Was every single moment a coincidence that has been created? When we met in the flower garden and when he saved me at the hunting site. And now, here. Who is the one responsible for this. Is it you grandmother."

Lee Soon says, "How is it that you are here. Who is it that is using you to do these things to me. Good. If they are trying to use a beautiful woman, I will gladly accept it." Lee Soon then gets on top of Kim Tae Hee.

Lying on top of her, Lee Soon says, "What are you trying to get?" Jang Ok Jung replies, "It is not like that. I think there is a misunderstanding."

Lee Soon says, "Misunderstanding. Are you trying to say that you will try to refuse me?" Jang Ok Jung replies, "Yes, I'm going to refuse it" and hot tears begin falling out of her eyes. Jang Ok Jung was disappointed to see Lee Soon getting the wrong idea about her.

Lee Soon tells her, "Bedroom or not, make sure you stay out of my sight" then leaves angry.

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