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Matthew Perry Opens Up About Drug Abuse And 'The Perry House'

BY Lasitha Raj | Aug 25, 2015 12:23 PM EDT

Matthew Perry
(Photo : Angela Weiss Getty Images Entertainment)

Matthew Perry has a past with drugs. In the late 90's, his experience with drug and alcohol abuse and his subsequent sobriety made headlines. This is what prompted the actor to turn his previous home into "The Perry House"

"When I was in big trouble, it was so public because I was on a TV show that 30 million people were watching," the former "Friends" actor said. "The fact that I [am] on TV makes people listen a little bit more, so I take advantage of that from time to time," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor reportedly checked into rehab for a prescription pill addiction in 1997. He later had to go through the same process in 2001.

Matthew Perry, the 46-year-old actor is currently starring in "The Odd Couple" which is a CBS comedy. He acts alongside his ex Lauren Graham.

Perry was honored for his work with "Phoenix House," a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter observed. On the occasion, the ever-witty actor quipped of the accolades, "I'm an award-winning alcoholic, I guess."

The actor is also the founder of his own sober-living facility for men, the Perry House in the Malibu beach. This facility was previously his own home.

"I've had a lot of ups and downs in my life and a lot of wonderful accolades," he told THR. "But the best thing about me is that if an alcoholic comes up to me and says, 'Will you help me stop drinking?' I will say, 'Yes. I know how to do that.'"

"I think I was pretty good at hiding it, but eventually people were aware," Perry opened up in a 2013 interview with ABC News. He talked about battling his demons while filming Friends back in the mid-to-late-'90s.

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