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Jan 25, 2017 | 05:22 AM EST

Drama Review 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 19

BY HanCinema

The penultimate episode of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" clearly asks the questions that have been brewing over the past three months. Can Cheong remain on land? Will Ji-hyeon find redemption? Will Nam-doo capitalize on Cheong's mermaid identity? All these and more are addressed with a few kisses thrown in for good measure.

Cheong does take the bullet for Joon-jae as we had all suspected at the end of episode 18. Her mermaid super-healing kicks in, allows her to heal from a bullet wound to the heart, and stirs the curiosity of the doctors. There has always been some speculation about whether or not Cheong will be treated like a freakshow or a research project on land. Luckily, Joon-jae prevents the doctor's curiosity from getting out of hand, at least for now. The real issue isn't the bulletwound, but the hardening of the heart that occurs when a mermaid lives out of water for too long. It seems as though love may not be enough to save Cheong from a slow, painful land death. Will she leave to live? Or stay and die for love? Or is there another option to be explored? No matter the path, Joon-jae has sworn his undying love will carry into the future in some rather cringe-worthy dialogue. Bravo Lee Min-ho for delivering that with a straight face.

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As for Ji-hyeon's death, it was as pathetic and small as he's been the entire show. He takes his own life, as cowardly in death as he was in life. It was sad he didn't amount to more and also that Joon-jae's reaction to the death was so lackluster. Ji-hyeon's mother turns out to really be a crazy wench. But we knew that. I say good riddance. The villain who has finally become interesting is Dae-yeong. He's regained his memories and in doing so we see flashes of his past never before seen. What will he do now with one more episode to commit evil? A few other characters had visions of the past, filling the viewers in on Nam-doo's, Ji-hyeon's mother's, and the secretary's pasts. They are all inextricably tied to the present. The reminder felt like a hit over the head.

Si-ah and Tae-oh finally get together, and they are much better together than they are separate. Separate they are dry and boring. Together, they are adorable. Just like I like 'em. Speaking of boring, Joon-jae is getting more lackluster as time goes on. Being in love has dulled his character and I'm hoping he gets a little spice in his last onscreen hour. Is it Wednesday yet?


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