Apr 25, 2015 | 20:30 PM EDT

Henry And Yewon Shared An Honest Discussion On 'We Got Married'

BY Adrienne Stanley

During the April 25 episode of “We Got Married,” Super Junior-M’s Henry had the opportunity to lend comfort and support to Yewon, following a three week separation. The segment featuring the couple opened with an awkward moment between the on-screen couple which segued to an open discussion.

Henry initially appeared to be embarrassed and averted his eyes from Yewon, before asking her how she was doing.

His sincerity drove Yewon to tears but Henry was willing to comfort her, during the taping. He wisely stated, “Everyone makes mistakes. You just need to do better, in the future.”

As her tears subsided, he lightened the atmosphere by jokingly stating, “You are the trendiest phrase of 2015.”

She responded by laughing, recognizing the absurdity in his statement. During the height of the scandal, Yewon was a trending celebrity, on Korean portals. 

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“We Got Married” is often satirized for its scripted romance but Henry demonstrated genuine concern for Yewon, who has been at the center of on-going controversy following an alleged verbal altercation with actress Lee Tae Im. Henry was visiting his family in Canada during the escalation of the situation which occurred when footage of the disputed scene was released along with transcripts of the alleged argument, on March 27.

Season 4 of "We Got Married" has been plagued with dating rumors and scandals. Henry and Yewon joined the cast in March 2015, along with CNBLUE's Jong Hyun and actress Gong Seung Yeon.

Yewon continues to come under fire from critics for her use of informal language, following the release of the video footage. Her agency issued an apology to Lee Tae Im, but she has not personally made a statement. However, this segment of “We Got Married” provided a bridge between her scandal and her role on the variety show.

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