Sep 03, 2015 | 15:28 PM EDT

Go Ah Seung Could Never Work In An Office

BY Julie Jones

Go Ah Sung could never work in an office. She discovered that much when she was filming "The Office."

At a press conference for the film, which opens on September 3, she said she was shocked at the high noise levels in an office. They were very distracting.

If you thought acting was hard, the star of the drama "Heard It Through The Grapevine," said she would not last more than a day or two in the office. Some of her comments were featured in an article in the Korean media outlet Naver TV.

"I was amazed at how people focused on their work and made calls, ignoring the constantly ringing doorbell and other background noise," she said.

After spending time in a real office she became aware of how hard office work can, how much the late hours can take out of you.

"I also paid close attention to those working late hours. They were so expressionless I almost got goose bumps. Burning the midnight oil like that left a strong impression on me."

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The Korea Herald also interviewed the actress about her role as Lee Mi Rye, an intern at a food and beverage company. Facing the challenges of office life, even on a movie set, left her feeling insecure.

"I started asking myself some basic questions like 'What do I have other than my diligence?'"

She often found the realistic pressure on the set to be suffocating and would have to take time to escape for a while and "just breathe."

In the film Kim Byung Gook, played by Bae Sung Woo, is a section chief in the company. Thought of as a good worker and reliable family man, he one day kills his family and disappears. To find out what happened the police talk to his co-workers. Everyone except Lee Mi Rye is hiding something. No one seems to know when Kim Byung Gook left the office.

Go Ah Sung's next film will hopefully seem less suffocating. She will star with Im Si Wan in the film "Thinking of Older Brother."

Ko A-sung will bring the intensity down in her next project with the unofficial title "Thinking of Older Brother," opposite singer and actor Im Si Wan. They will have a lot to talk about as he starred in the office drama "Misaeng," playing a struggling junior worker.

"Thinking of Older Brother" is a film about a children's choir that really existed during the Korean War. Go also has a small role in the film "Beauty Inside."

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