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Tom Bergeron Death Hoax: ‘DWTS’ Riberio Will Substitute Next Week As Star Of The Show Visits Ailing Father

BY Payal Pathak | Oct 07, 2015 06:15 AM EDT

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Tom Bergeron death news spread like wild-fire on Facebook. Rumors viraled about the television host's alleged demise 'R.I.P. Tom Bergeron.' The news came to public attention  on Monday through his Facebook page, which attracted nearly one million 'likes.'

Those who read the 'About' page on Facebook were given a believable account of the American television host's passing away. Twitterati were also frantic with news of his death. However, the Tom Bergeron death news story turned out to be a hoax, proving to be another story in the string of fake celebrity death reports, said

Amid the Internet death hoax, Bergeron has said he will skip this week's 'Dancing with the stars' ballroom extravaganza. Tom Bergeron tweeted he will be missing Monday night's show because he planned to visit his ailing father. This news was difficult to digest for DWTS die-hard fans, because he was the star of the show every week, said

Bergeron is going to take a one-week break from the ABC dancing competition and instead of him, the Campion of season 19 'Riberio' will host "Dancing with the stars" along with co-host Erin Andrews. He passed the message on twitter on Sunday that he will be with his dad, said

He responded to tweets from his fans saying he will share the messages with his dad. The latest news about DWTS revealed that last week, season 19 champ Riberio returned to the show DWTS as a guest judge and recently he substituted Bergeron, as the host of America's Funniest Home Videos, said

Last Sunday night, Riberio wrote on Instagram, he will be filling the space for Bergeron tomorrow night on ABC. He also announced that he will host the show with a heavy heart because his thoughts will be with his friend Tom and family. He also feels that returning to the show makes him feel refreshed, said

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