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'I Have A Lover' Ji Jin Hee Declares He Won't Get Married

BY Christine Han | Oct 17, 2015 08:27 PM EDT


In "I Have a Lover" actor Ji Jin Hee declared that he would not get married to Park Han Byul.

On the episode of SBS "I have a Lover" (script Bae Yoo Mi, director Choi Moon Suk) broadcast on October 17th at 10PM, Choi Jin Un (played by Ji Jin Hee) had a conversation with his mother Hong Se Hee (played by Na Young Hee).

On this day, Choi Jin Un said, "I am not going to get married" and emphasized that he had no intention whatsoever to get married to Kang Sul Lee (played by Park Han Byul."

Hong Se Hee said, "What kind of thief like story is that?" Choi Jin Un said, "I'll say it again but I don't have any intention of getting married. Stop" she said firmly.

Meanwhile, "I Have a Lover" is about a woman who lost her memory. She meets her husband that she hated. With that, she falls in love with him and at the end of a very destined meeting, she meets her long lost twin.  With that, the lives of the two are reset.

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