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'I Have A Lover' Ji Jin Hee Calls Kim Hyun Joo

BY Christine Han | Oct 17, 2015 08:29 PM EDT


In "I Have a Lover" JI Jin Hee called Kim Hyun Joo. With that, she said that she missed her.

On the episode of SBS "I have a Lover" broadcast on October 17th, Choi Jin Un (played by Ji Jin Hee) was in pain.  Do Hye Kang (played by Kim Hyun Joo) had lost her memory. With that, she was certain that she was the wife of this man as he was in pain.

On this day, Choi Jin Un drank in a painful heart.  Choi Jin Un said to his friends, "Hye Kang is laughing hard. She sings and she even scolds the children.  She looks warm. She looks happy.  I am so torn about this. This is so sad. Hye Kang is hurting so much." With that, he had a tough time.

Afterwards, Choi Jin Un called Do Hye Kang. Do Hye Kang who picked up the phone said, "I know that you're Choi Jin Un." Choi Jin Un said, "You knew it was me and you still picked up" she said very bitterly.

At this, Do Hye Kang told Choi Jin Un to speak briefly.  Choi Jin Un said, "I miss you. I miss you like crazy."

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