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'I Have a Lover' Ji Jin Hee Separates From Park Han Byul

BY Christine Han | Nov 02, 2015 06:25 PM EST


In "I Have a Lover" Ji Jin Hee said that he would separate from Park Han Byul.

On the episode of SBS weekend drama "I have a Lover" (script Bae Yoo Mi, director Choi Moon Suk) broadcast on November 1st, Jin Un declared separation from Sul Lee (played by Park Han Byul).

On this day, Jin Un said, "I think when the memory returns, he's going to be a really dangerous presence to Thousand Years Pharmaceuticals or Yonog Ki or you.  Thank you for getting up earlier than we had expected.  Then, to Sul Lee, he said, "Let's talk tomorrow. I'll talk." And started to say his story.

He then said, "After I came a long way and lost my wife I learned what I want and what I can't let go.  I wanted to keep you and I wanted to keep myself.  I thought that I could start my life anew if not for my wife.  I want to be next to my wife. I don't want to let her go."

Meanwhile, "I have a lover" is about a woman who had hated her husband and a man that ends up falling back in love with her.  They reunite in a drama like love as this story is intertwined with two sisters that live a life with many ups and downs.

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