'Scandal' Ki Tae Young Becomes a Ghost 'Furious at Outcome'

Ki Tae Young
Park Sang Min
Kim Jae Won
Shin Eun Kyung

"Scandal" Ki Tae Young decides to leave the parents who brought him up for the past twenty-something years because of the truth about their family history.

September 8, an episode of the MBC weekend drama "Scandal" featured Jang Eun Joong (Ki Tae Young) quitting his mother's company then telling her that he is going to leave them.

Jang Eun Joong was brought up by Jang Tae Ha (Park Sang Min) and Yoon Hwa Young (Shin Eun Kyung), but when the truth about his identity was revealed everything became a mess. Since Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) turned out to be Jang Tae Ha's real son, he completely turns his back on Jang Eun Joong and basically cut him out of his life even though he brought him up for over 20 years.

Jang Eun Joong was full of anger. He said, "Without any reason, I became a ghost." He continues, "I'm going to live in anger from now on" and walks away from Yoon Hwa Young. 

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