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In "No Breathing" Trailer Lee Jong Suk And Seo In Guk Show True Swimmer's Form

BY Joan MacDonald | Sep 10, 2013 11:04 AM EDT


If you are interested in swimming or possibly seeing Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk dive into a pool, the new teaser for the film “No Breathing” may prove to be very entertaining.
It’s only natural that the teaser should feature the two stars in their swimsuits as the film, which also stars Girls Generation member Kwon Yuri, is about competitive swimmers. “No Breathing” is a term that means the state in which a competitive swimmer stops breathing when they are swimming.
Lee Jong Suk plays Woo Sang, a national swimmer who is very competitive by nature. Seo in Guk plays Won Il, a swimming prodigy who has not always been so dedicated but decides to compete with his friend on a national scale. The two friends become rivals for the number one spot in a swimming competition and also for the girl, Jung Eun, played by Kwon Yuri. She is a musician and their childhood friend. “No Breathing” is the first Korean film to focus on swimming.
The poster for the film provides a healthy dose of fan service with its two stars looking as toned and fit as actual competitive swimmers. In the poster, both stars are ruffling their hair after getting out of the pool and Lee Jong Suk winks at fans.
Lee Jong Suk, who is very popular at the moment due to his starring role in the recent drama, “I Hear Your Voice,” could not swim before he took the role. You wouldn’t know it from seeing the trailer as it looks like he has perfect form.
“I couldn’t even float on water before,” he said.
But the director convinced him to take the role, telling him that it’s easy to substitute stunt doubles for swimmers. After Lee Jong Suk took a few lessons and learned the basics he found that swimming was not really all that difficult.
“It wasn’t such a big deal,” he said.
He trained before filming and mastered freestyle swimming but could not perfect diving and artistic turns. From the clips, it’s impossible to tell when it’s him or a stunt double diving from the board.
Seo in Guk is currently starring as the second lead in the popular drama, “The Master’s Sun,” but despite his busy shooting schedule, he has dieted and consistently worked out to achieve the look of a swimmer’s body.
The film began shooting in May and will premiere on Oct. 31.

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