Will 'Yong Pal' Be Adapted For American TV?

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In the past there has been some excitement about k-dramas being adapted for American television. But so far, none of the series that were optioned for adaptation have made it to the small screen. K-movies have had better luck. The 2003 k-movie "Old Boy" had a 2013 American remake and so did the 2001 k-movie "My Sassy Girl."

Now there's talk that the drama "Yong Pal," which starred Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee and the film "The Five," starring Kim Sun Ah, could be remade for American audiences. According to the Korean media outlet Korea Times, representatives for the drama and film are making a presentation to officials from the streaming website Netflix, the TV station ABC and the production studio Sony Pictures.

Eight other programs, including the not-yet-aired "Descendants of the Sun," starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, are also being introduced to representatives of these American companies.

In the past few years several other dramas have attracted attention from American producers. Joo Won's last drama before "Yong Pal" was a contender in 2014. Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim, who had a pivotal role in "Lost" and appeared on "Hawaii Five-O," spoke about his plans to remake "The Good Doctor" at a Seoul Digital Forum.

"There are plenty of medical television shows in the United States, but we expect the depth of the characters' stories in dramas like 'Good Doctor' will also sell in the American market," said Kim.

Korean-American actress Yunjin Kim, who played Daniel Dae Kim's wife on "Lost" and recently signed on for another series of the American series "Mistresses," in 2014 spoke about producing an adaptation of "Nine, Nine Time Travels," the fantasy drama starring Lee Jin Wook.

"As an actress and someone who enjoys Korean dramas, I am excited to introduce the Korean drama style," said Kim, who grew up in the U.S.  but acted in Korean dramas and films. So far, there have been no developments in the adaptation.

Interest in adapting the dramas of  other countries was heightened after the success of the American TV program "Homeland," which was based on the Israeli drama "Hatufim." The American TV show "The Newsroom" is also an adaptation, as it is based loosely on the British TV show "The Hour."

Eight other Korean productions, including the drama "Descendants of the Sun," are being introduced to the representatives of American television and film. 

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