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Lee Joo Yeon Joins Jo In Sung In 'The King'

BY Julie Jones | Nov 13, 2015 10:07 AM EST


In May, Jo In Sung's agency 10K Company announced that he was considering a role in an upcoming film titled The King." He has apparently taken that role as the latest news about the film is that former After School member Lee Joo Yeon will be his co-star.

Despite the title Jo In Sung's big screen comeback is not about a king but rather it tells the story of a man who overcame a difficult childhood to become a prosecutor. Jo In Sung will play the prosecutor and Lee's character has only been described as someone who is pivotal to the plot developments.

It has been seven years since Jo In Sung appeared on the big screen. But he never meant for that to happen

He was supposed to star in the futuristic sci-fi film "Kwon Bob," after he ended his mandatory military service in 2011 and turned down more than a few offers to wait for the film. But pre-production problems continued for so long that Jo eventually took the leading role in the drama "That Winter The Wind Blows" with co-star Song Hye Kyo.

That was fortunate for Jo since the drama was a big hit. He followed that drama with another hit, "It's Okay, That's Love," with co-star Gong Hyo Jin.

Jo In Sung has a few film roles to his credit. He played the royal guard who falls out of love with the king, played by Joo Jin Mo, and in love with the queen, played by Song Ji Hyo, in the film "A Frozen Flower." Before that he appeared in the films "A Dirty Carnival," "Love Impossible" and "The Classic."

One of the reasons he may have been attracted to "The King" is the film's director Han Jae Rim. Han Jae Rim's first film "Rules of Dating" won the Korean Film Council Screenwriting Contest" and his fame grew with his second feature, the 2007 film "The Show Must Go On." Han directed the film "The Face Reader," which was a box office hit, as well as producing the 2013 film "Very Ordinary Couple" and the 2015 film "Journalist."

Co-star Lee Joo Yeon was also cast in the upcoming drama "Shin Saimdang: The Herstory" with Song Seung Hoon and Lee Young Ae. She will play two roles, one in the present and another in the past. The singer-turned-actress has appeared in a few dramas, including "Smile Dong Hae," "Jeon Woo Chi" and "A New Leaf." She also appeared in the film "Sorry, I Love You."

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