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Lee Hong Ki And Park Shin Hye Are Endearingly Sweet In Behind-The-Scenes Shots For 'Insensible'

BY Adrienne Stanley | Nov 19, 2015 05:58 PM EST


Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki continue to translate their chemistry as real-life friendship into musical romance in behind-the-scenes footage from "Insensible." 

On November 18, FNC Entertainment published behind-the-scenes photos and footage through Naver Star Cast from the "Insensible" video shoot.

In the segment, the FTISLAND vocalist can be seen tenderly holding the popular actress and also caringly leads her through scenes shot in a staircase. 

Both stars display their easy going friendship, which is captured through carefree laughing, during outtakes. 

"Insensible" is the lead single from the six-track solo debut release from Lee titled "FM302." The sweeping pop ballad highlights the richness of his voice while imparting the tumulous emotions of a flawed relationship. In the music video, the former "You're Beautiful" co-stars are depicted in various states of romance, embracing both positive and negative emotions. 

Park Shin Hye has appeared in other music videos and has delivered her own solo releases, but her role with Lee in "Insensible" is endearing to fans of "You're Beautiful."

In the 2009 musical drama, she was romantically paired with CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa and Jang Geun Suk, but she shared an endearing, childlike friendship with Jeremy, who was portrayed by Lee Hong Ki. 

While "Insensible" highlights his talents as a balladeer, as exemplified in an April episode of "Masked Singer," the midtempo dance tracks "Let's Seize the Day" and "Be Your Doll" embrace his capability to move beyond the trappings of Korean pop-rock.

Lee previously delivered notable K-Drama original soundtrack appearances, including the stirring track, "I'm Saying" from "The Heirs," "FM302" marks his first independent endeavor from FTISLAND. 

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