'Scandal' Kim Jae Won is Always One Step Ahead of Park Sang Min

Kim Jae Won
Park Sang Min
Shin Eun Kyung
Jo Jae Hyun

"Scandal" Kim Jae Won prevents Shin Eun Kyung and Jo Jae Hyun's press conference.

September 29, the 28th episode of the MBC weekend drama "Scandal" featured Yoon Hwa Young (Shin Eun Kyung) and Ha Myung Geun (Jo Jae Hyun) holding a conference to do an honest confession regarding the mistake in their construction.

When there were only three minutes before the press conference is scheduled to begin, Yoon Hwa Young holds Ha Myung Geun's hand tightly. No matter how tough she was, she was just as nervous. When the press conference begins, Ha Myung Geun says, "My name is Ha Myung Geun. As it has been announced, I am the person who kidnapped Jang Tae Ha's (Park Sang Min) son."

However, the press conference does not continue. The person who stopped it is Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won). When he arrives at the location of the press conference, he makes the alarm go off. Jang Tae Ha comments, "I had no idea there was a way to kick all of them out all at once but I got a headache for no reason."

However, unlike their expectations, the press conference went on. Ha Eun Joong is smarter than Jang Tae Ha. Ha Eun Joong had the genius hacker named Batman (Park Min Woo) who allowed the press conference to continue. Jang Tae Ha's mistake and his attempt to bury it deep inside finally becomes revealed to the world.

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