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Daily Drama Looks At The Turbulent Life Of A Princess

BY Joan MacDonald | Oct 05, 2013 09:27 AM EDT


A new daily drama “Daughter of the Emperor” takes a look at the life of Soo Baek Hyang, the daughter of King Mu Ryung, who ruled in the sixth century.

Jo Hyun Jae plays a prince who loves the emperor’s daughter but he can’t let his feelings show. Seo Hyun Jin plays the princess Soo Baek Hyang.

Lim Se Mi plays the role of the empress Eun Hye.

The drama’s writer Hwang Jin Young thought that Lim was so perfect for the part, that she was chosen before the writing was even completed. Hwang, who wrote the film “A Frozen Flower,” admired Lim’s performance as Son Mi Ra in the hit drama “That Winter The Wind Blows.” The actress also won praise for her appearance in the KBS drama special “Yeon Woo’s Summer”
“I’m honored to be working with such great people,"  said Lim.
The drama is Jo Hyun Jae’s first MBC drama role in 10 years. His last MBC appearance was in the 2003 drama “Love Letter.” He also appeared in “Only You” and “49 Days” and most recently “Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek.”
The prince’s love for Princess Soo Baek Hyang is not only complicated by his inability to express it. His affections become entangled in the political maneuverings of the princess’ stepsister.
  The princess' stepsister, Seol Hee, played by Seo Woo, is jealous of her sibling and works to usurp her position in court. It’s not Seo Woo’s first time playing the role of a stepsister. Seo Woo played Moon Geun Young’s kind but immature stepsister in “Cinderella’s Sister. Nor is it her first time being in a historical drama, but it is her first time playing a villain.
“I’m happy to be back with a historical drama, said Seo Woo. “But please don’t hate my character.”
Stealing what rightfully belongs to the princess will not be difficult. Soo Baek Hyang has been taught not to expect much in life. And yet her decision to accept her situation or fight for her rights will affect not only her life but also the fate of the nation. The daily drama will follow the turbulence of court life as the royals struggle for love and power.
Lee Jae Ryong of “Believe in Love” and “General Hospital” plays King Mu Ryung. He previously appeared in the dramas "Sangdo” and “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin.”
Lee Sang Yeob, who directed “Light and Shadows” is the director.

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