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So Ji Sub Was Surprised To Discover He Was Funny

BY Joan MacDonald | Oct 07, 2013 10:22 AM EDT


It's hard to believe that "The Master's Sun" was So Ji Sub's first comedy because his mannerisms and gestures were laugh-out-loud funny. He created a character that viewers fell in love with and won't soon forget. In fact, even the actor is having a hard time letting go of Joo Joong Won, his alter ego. He spent so much time getting into the character that it's hard to say goodbye.

Before taking the role he was not sure he could do comedy, so he was very serious about his preparations. He last played the dual roles of  police detective/hacker Kim Woo Hyun and Park Gi Young in "Phantom."

"I worried about how well I would do in a comedy and how others would see my performance," said So of the work that went into creating his character. "I considered many different things and did my research. Everything from my hand movements to my walk was carefully planned."

And it was So Ji Sub's variety of hand gestures that helped the character come alive, imprinting him on viewers' memories. Fans not only related to his out of touch hotel CEO in "The Master's Sun," they cheered on his awkward interactions with Tae Gong Sil, the woman who needed to touch him.

 "I think I grew as an actor as a result of trying this role," said So. He never realized he had a comical side before.

He also credits others with the series' success. Early on in the filming, he praised co-star Gong Hyo Jin, who played Tae Gong Sil, as being the best comedic actress in the business. He said that she bought out the best in him and helped him be a better actor. And in outtakes of the filming, you could see that her facial expressions made him laugh so hard they more than once had to stop shooting.

He also had kind words to say about the cast, saying he was thankful to have worked with the best production team and the best actors. He presented each staff member with a thank-you gift of shoes and personally expressed his gratitude for their hard work.

"I hope the viewers won't forget Joo Joong Won too quickly," he said.

There's not much chance of that.

But if you're already missing So Ji Sub in "The Master's Sun," you can check out some of his previous dramas, including "Phantom," "What Happened in Bali," and "Cain and Abel."

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