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'Remember,' Did Nam Goong Min Kill Han Bo Bae

BY Christine Han | Dec 10, 2015 12:02 AM EST

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In the drama "Remember - the War of the Son" Nam Goong Min started to cause a ruckus.

On the 1st episode of the drama "Remember - the War of the Son" (director Lee Chang Min, director Yoon Hyun Ho) broadcast on Dec. 9th, Nam Kyu Man (played by Nam Goong Min) acted like the alpha male in front of Oh Jung Ah (played by Han Bo Bae) while he was drunk.

On this day, Suh Jae Hyuk (played by Jun Kwang Ryul) went to sing at a secret paryt hat was held at a resort.  She did this without her father knowing.  The party was that of a third generation conglomerate Nam Kyu Man (played by Nam Goong Min).

At this, Nam Kyu Man listened to the song of Oh Jung Ah and said, "Are you here at a college festival? Trot? I listened to so much French that I'm getting nauseated.

Meanwhile, "Remember" is about a little child named Suh Jin Hoo who has an overly active memory. He becomes a lawyer in order to prove his father's innocence. Nonetheless, as his father loses his memory, there are several episodes that happen.  This is a drama broadcast on every Wednesday and Thursday at 10PM.

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