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Three Mysteries Surrounding the Drama ‘Secret’

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 16, 2013 06:22 PM EDT


The production team of KBS drama "Secret" revealed the three mysteries regarding topics that are most discussed by the people in the online communities. 

1. Did Bae Soo Bin really give a no on parole review for Hwang Jung Eum?

Viewers are curious to know what real opinions Bae Soo Bin (Do Hun) had give on the parole review for Hwang Jung Eum (Yu Jung), who is imprisoned on behalf of him as the one who committed a hit-and-run.  This is especially important because it unveils whether Bae Soo Bin really betrayed Hwang Jung Eum, who went to the prison on behalf of him and gave a birth in the prison. The production team stated, "It is true that Bae Soo Bin gave a no on parole review for Hwang Jung Eum.  Hwang Jung Eum, due to this, is to be detained for two more years. Refer to the episode 5 for more questions."

2. Is Bae Soo Bin the one who committed a hit-and-run on Yang Jin Sung?

It is yet to be revealed who had committed a hit-and-run on Yang Jin Sung. On the surface it seems that it's Bae Soo Bin. However, some are voicing that it could be Ji Sung's dad Lee Duk Hwa (President Jo), who had been working in the back to separate Ji Sung and Yang Jin Sung. The production team stated, "We understand the opinions on who committed a hit-and-run on Yang Jin Sung dramatically. We hope you enjoy the process of getting closer to that secret."

3. Is Ji Sung's love trauma his mother?

The last piece is on Ji Sung's obsession about love. While most people agree that Ji Sung doesn't know how to love somebody properly, the production team stated, "Ji Sung's obsession and revenge on Hwang Jung Eum is to get stronger."

"Secret" is a classic melodrama about a man who falls in love with a woman who killed his lover. 

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