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Will Kim Soo Hyun Convince You To Visit Seoul?

BY Julie Jones | Dec 15, 2015 10:19 AM EST


Kim Soo Hyun's popularity may help inspire visits to the city of Seoul. According to his agency, Key East Entertainment, he will promote tourism to Seoul by appearing in a promotional video scheduled to air throughout Asia. In the video the Hallyu star visits such interesting Seoul landmarks, such as Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

The actor became the Goodwill Ambassador to the city of Seoul in October 2014 and will help promote the city until October 2016.

And Kim is also promoting an airport that foreign visitors will land in when he inspires them to visit Seoul. In March 2015 he was also appointed the honorary ambassador for Incheon Airport. He will appear in promotional materials for the airport for the next three years.  

Kim promotes more than tourism. As a result of his superior promotional abilities, selling everything from bottled water to cities, the actor was also nominated for the 2015 National Brand Awards. Nominees are chosen for their ability to lend a positive image to a brand and increase its value.

In 2014 alone he had a total of 35 product endorsement deals. He earned over $90 million in Korean and Chinese commercials, selling everything from clothes to electronics to pizza and beer.

Kim Soo Hyun achieved international popularity due to his roles in dramas and films. He played a heartbroken prince in the drama "The Moon Embracing The Sun," a stranded alien in the drama "You Who Came From the Stars," a lovestruck rookie producer in "Producers,"  a crook in "The Thieves" and a North Korean spy in the film "Secretly Greatly."

Kim Soo Hyun is currently preparing for his next film role in the noir action film "Real."

The award-winning actor will play Jang Tae Young, a man who takes care of messy problems for gangsters. He's not a nice guy but he justifies what he does because he is very ambitious. He wants to build a casino hotel in his hometown and one day control the city. But then a reporter shows up and he is forced to confront the reality of what he does.

Because of Kim's popularity in China, the Chinese company Alibaba Pictures has invested in the Korean film.

His new film will provide yet another reason for his fans to visit the city he promotes.

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