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Seo Kang Joon Is Happy To Be Playing Someone His Own Age

BY Julie Jones | Dec 28, 2015 02:19 PM EST


Seo Kang Joon is happy with his new role in the upcoming drama "Cheese In The Trap." The 22-year-old actor has come a long way since his first major role in a drama, when he played Joo Sang Wook's romantic rival for Lee Min Jung in the romantic comedy "Cunning Single Lady."

In the webtoon-based tvN drama "Cheese In The Trap" he again plays a romantic rival for the lead. Only this time the lead is played by Park Hae Jin and the girl in question is Kim Go Eun. Park Hae Jin plays Yoo Jung, a seemingly perfect student with some secrets. he might look like the perfect boyfriend but he has a dark side.

Kim Go Eun plays Hong Seol, a poor but hardworking university student. Seo Kang Joon plays Baek In Ho, a former piano prodigy. Although Baek In Ho has been friends with Yoo Jung since they were children, he will challenge him for Hong Seol's affections.

At the press conference for "Cheese In The Trap," Seo Kang Joon confessed that it was a relief to play a character who was closer to his own age. In his last drama, "Splendid Politics," his character Hong Joo Won aged 20 years.

"I wore a beard in my previous drama," said. "I aged up to my 40s. It was tough to act. It is more fun to be acting someone my own age this time. That makes work feel more like play."

At the same time Seo said he that worked hard on this role too.

"He is an honest character so it was important that I delivered everything I had."

Seo has delivered solid performances since the beginning of his career. He is part of 5urprise, a five-member group launched in 2013 by the talent agency Fantagio. All the group members sing and act, but among the five Seo may be the best known.

Seo Kang Joon debuted with the other members of his group in "After School: Lucky Or Not" and he's had roles in "The Good Doctor," "The Suspicious Housekeeper" and "What Happens To My Family."

"Cheese In The Trap" also stars Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk and Park Min Ji. The first episode airs on January 4, following the end of "Bubble Gum."

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