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Why 'Remember' Does Well In The Ratings

BY Julie Jones | Dec 29, 2015 12:02 PM EST


The SBS drama "Remember" is attracting attention and with it higher ratings. The courtroom thriller began with only 7.2 percent of the viewers according to nationwide Nielsen ratings, but the numbers rose quickly. By the fourth episode, the ratings had reached 12.1 percent.

The legal drama now outpaces the KBS drama "God of Trade" and the MBC drama "Sweet Savage Family."

It's a tale of loyalties, including the loyalty a son feels to his father, the justice-blinding loyalty a lawyer feels to his sponsor and the loyalty a prosecutor feels to uncovering the truth.  

Yoo Seung Ho plays a prodigy lawyer, whose photographic memory enabled him to take the bar right after high school. His amazing memory also helps him solve cases and he would like to use that memory to free his father from prison.

Park Min Young plays a prosecutor, who is determined to fight for justice, especially when it comes to the man who framed Yoo Seung Ho's father for murder and is the real murderer.

Despite the fact that they are both passionate about freeing the unjustly accused man, they wind up facing each other in court on opposing sides of a case.

The drama also plays with the idea of memory as Yoo Seung Ho's father has Alzheimer's disease, so he can't remember the facts that might have saved him from prison. His son, played by Yoo Seung Ho, uses his excellent memory to solve cases and will hopefully one day free him.

An unjustly accused man, evil chaebols, a son desperate to save his father; altogether there is plenty of prime k-drama to be had in "Remember." And the drama may be attracting viewers because it offers some fine acting.

Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young both give solid performances as young professionals who passionately believe in justice, but Nam Goong Min also delivers an impressive performance. He's a villain so chilling he can make viewers shiver.

Although "Remember" could be more realistic about courtroom evidence and the nature of Alzheimer's, it offers plenty of makjang drama to keep viewers' interest.

What do you think about this drama. Does it deserve the ratings. Let us know.

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