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The Most-Anticipated On-Screen Couples Of 2016

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 07, 2016 12:59 PM EST


2016 started with a bang as real-life romance was revealed with the announcement of wedding plans for "She Was Pretty" star Hwang Jung Eum and dating news for "Reply 1988" underdog, Lee Dong Hwi. While the love lives of Korean celebrities can be titillating, the drama viewers a drawn towards the on-screen chemistry of top leading men and their heroines. 

So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah ushered in the year with the conclusion of "Oh My Venus," a self-improvement series which benefitted from the white hot interactions of the on-screen couple, who previously wooed fans with their Giordano ads. 

Over the next few months, dramas like "Descendants of the Sun," "Goodbye, My Beloved," "Saimdang, Herstory," and "Uncontrollably Fond" will deliver some of the most-anticipated on-screen couples of 2016. 

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will fall in love while attempting to maintain peace in the war-ravaged landscape of the fictitious country, Uruk, in KBS2's upcoming series, "Descendants of the Sun." 

"Descendants of the Sun" promises to combine action-packed intrigue, as Song Joong Ki portrays Captain Yoo Shi Jin, the leader of a UN-peacekeeping mission. Song Hye Kyo is Kang Mo Yeon, a volunteer who is serving in Uruk as a member of Doctors Without Borders. 

Tensions will rise and love with fill the air when "Descendants of the Sun" premieres on KBS2 on February 24. 

Fans of Hallyu star Rain are thrilled for his Korean drama comeback as Lee Hae Joon in the supernatural melodrama, "Goodbye, My Beloved."

The series, which is also referred to by the literal title, "Comeback Mister," features leading ladies Oh Yeon Seo (Shine or Go Crazy) and Lee Min Jung (Cunning, Single Lady), in her first television role since motherhood. 

Anticipation for the interaction of Oh Yeon Seo and Rain continues to fuel strong interest in "Goodbye, My Beloved," which will premiere in March 2016 on SBS. 

Miss A's Suzy may be dating Lee Min Ho while Kim Woo Bin is paired with Shin Min Ah, but the popular Hallyu stars will come together in "Uncontrollably Fond." 

Wedding rumors have surrounded Song Seung Heon and Chinese actress Liu Yifei. In 2016, he will woo Lee Young Ae (A Jewel In the Palace), in SBS' period drama, "Saimdang, the Herstory." 

Korean netizens have scoffed at the casting of IU as the heroine of "Moon Lovers," but the backlash is likely fueled by jealousy, as the acting idol takes the helm of a drama that is chock full of handsome men. 

While it is difficult to anticipate her on-screen chemistry with Lee Joon Gi (Scholar Who Walks the Night), her interactions with him will be punctuated by the presence of several flower boys including Kang Ha Neul (The Heirs) and EXO's Baekhyun, providing the potential for numerous romantic pairings.  

Which on-screen couple are you most excited to see in 2016? Comment below. 

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