‘Scandal’ Kim Hae Ri Appears In Divorce Trial

Shin Eun Kyung
Kim Hae Ri
Park Sang Min
Ki Tae Young

Kim Hae Ri came to court as Shin Eun Kyung's witness.

On the 34th episode of MBC weekend drama "Scandal" Hwa Young (played by Shin Eun Kyung) displaced Jae In (played by Ki Tae Young) who had returned to Tae Ha (played by Park Sang Min) in the courtroom.

Jae In was on Tae Ha's side and made an argument and attacked Hwa Young, "You attacked a person that you've lived with for 30 years through a violent press conference.  Did you really live for 30 years with love?  The idea that the reason for divorce is only on the defendant is selfish. Is this sacrifice or revenge?"

Hwa Young said, "I forged a prescription and fed schizophrenia medicine for him to become a mentally incompetent person.  Therefore, I was disbarred."  Jae In then responded to her reply, "This is a ridiculous opinion with no evidence."

Hwa Young called Joo Ran (played by Kim Hae Ri) saying "I call Ko Suk Bong, a new witness who had an affair with Jang Tae Ha for 30 years."  Tae Ha and Jae In were surprised.

Joo Ran said that Hwa Young was not in her right mind as she was trapped in the vacation home and made Tae Ha feel pathetic by saying, "I loved my daughter, rather than Jang Ta Ha.  I was going to have my daughter inherit from Jang Tae Ha.  If he didn't have money, I would've dropped him already.  Thirty years ago." 

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