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Kim Ha Neul Films One More Romantic Comedy Before Her Wedding

BY Julie Jones | Jan 11, 2016 10:47 AM EST


Kim Ha Neul has been called The Queen Of Romantic Comedy" and it's a title she is comfortable with.

She is best known for her roles in the films "My Tutor Friend," "Too Beautiful To Lie" and "My Girlfriend Is An Agent," as well as the dramas "On Air," "Romance' and "A Gentleman's Dignity." In "A Gentleman's Dignity" she played Seo Yi Soo, a teacher in search of true love.

"It's harder than you may think to act in a romantic comedy, but I think I keep taking it up because it feels so great," she said in an E News interview about her role in "A Gentleman's Dignity."

Despite the challenges, romantic comedy suits her. Her latest romantic comedy is titled "Remember You."

She described the film as a romance with a hint of mystery.

In the film Jung Woo Sung plays Suk Won, a man who lost 10 years worth of memories. Kim plays the mysterious character Jin Young who suddenly shows up before him.

She said that she chose to act in the film because it was a little different.

"When I first read the screenplay, I thought it had a unique vibe, which is hard to find in Korean romances," she said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily. "The fact that it had something more to offer than just romance drew me in."

Kim and Jung had never worked together before but after the first shoot the staff applauded the chemistry.

"I guess we looked pretty nice on camera."

Since the actress plans to marry in March, it will be her last romantic comedy before her wedding.

On September 25, 2015, her agency SM C&C revealed that she was in a relationship and had been dating a non-celebrity for two years. On October 23 the agency announced the couple would marry in the spring. Her fiancé is said to be a successful businessman and a member of a wealthy family.

One thing she likes about starring in romances, said Kim, is that they always have happy endings,

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