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Six K-Drama Actresses With Actor Brothers

BY Julie Jones | Jan 11, 2016 03:34 PM EST


On a recent episode of "Running Man" star Song Ji Hyo spoke about her brother wanting to be an actor.

She  was discussing her handsome younger brother with her co-star Gary Kang when her devoted sidekick complimented the aspiring actor by saying, "I'm sure he'll be big someday."

Song, who appeared in the k-drama "Emergency Couple," is not the only k-drama actress that has  a brother who acts.

Uhm Jung Hwa recently finished promoting her film 'Wonderful Nightmare with co-star Song Seung Hoon. The singer-actress appears in both films and dramas and when she is not busy working she follows the career of her younger brother actor Uhm Tae Woong. His last drama appearance was as the caring but clueless husband in "Valid Love."

Kim Tae Hee played the comatose heiress in the hit melodrama "Yong Pal" with actor Joo Won. She also recently appeared in the Chinese drama "Wang Xizhi." But she's not the only actor in her family. Her younger brother Lee Wan can be seen in the 2015 film "Northern Limit Line."

Ha Ji Won recently starred in the drama "The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days" with Lee Jin Wook, and she can be seen this year in the Chinese film "Risking Life For Love."  Her younger brother is actor Jeon Tae Soo, who appeared in "Cruel Palace: War of Flowers" and "King's Daughter." Ha Ji Won's real name is Jeon Hae Rim.

Chae Rim, whose last drama was "Oh My Lady" in 2010 is now married to Chinese actor Gao Ziqi, but her brother Park Yoon Jae continues to represent the family in k-dramas. He appeared in "Your Lady," "Her Legend" and "Shining Romance." winning a 2014 MBC Excellence Actor award for the latter.

Jang Na Ra has been on a roll lately with rolls in "Fated To Love You," "Mr. Back" and "Hello Monster." Her father Ju Heo Sung is also an actor and she appeared with him in the play "Les Miserables." She has not acted with her older brother Jang Sung Won, but he keeps busy. He appeared in "The Time I Didn't Love You, 7000 Days," His last film was "Secret Travel" in 2013.

If Song Ji Hyo's brother does decide to pursue an acting career, he will be in good company.

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