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'Remember' Maintains Its Momentum With Ratings Of 16.4 Percent

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 14, 2016 10:57 AM EST


"Remember" continues to maintain high ratings, as the 16-episode drama surpasses the midpoint of its run.

According to statistics released by Nielsen Korea, the series recorded 16.4 percent in nationwide viewership, an increase of 0.8 from its previous ratings of 15.6 pecent. 

The ninth episode opens with prosecutor Lee In A (Park Min Young) successfully apprehending the Korean-Chinese assassin that was responsible for murdering a female witness from the Seocheon trial, which led to the false imprisonment of Seo Jae Hyuk (Jeon Kwang Yeol) and the subsequent framing of his son, Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho).

The daughter of the deceased witness delivers a cell phone testimony to Jin Woo and In A, where her mother reveals that she provided false evidence in the Seocheon case.

This leads to the initiation of a retrial of Jae Hyuk, placing further pressure on Nam Gyoo Man (Nam Goong Min), the conglomerate heir who was previously revealed as the perpetrator of the crime. 

While the focus of the series was previously centered on Jin Woo, In A drives the action of episode nine, as she begins to reveal corruption within the police department and the director of the prosecutor's office. However, her attempts to bring the truth to light backfires, as the prosecution director impedes the investigation into the four-year-old Seocheon trial.

In the courtroom, Jin Woo reaches a startling conclusion and falls unconscious as he replays the details surrounding the murder case involving his father

The KBS2 period series, "Merchant Gaekju 2015," recorded 10.7 percent  in nationwide viewership, maintaining its position in second place.

Meanwhile, the MBC comedy, "Sweet Savage Family," remained in last place with 4.4 percent. 

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