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First Video Teaser Released For 'Saimdang: The Herstory'

BY Julie Jones | Jan 14, 2016 09:30 AM EST


The first video teaser has been released for 'Saimdang: The Herstory" and it shows Lee Young Ae in both her roles, as a college professor who teaches the history of Korean art and Shin Saimdang, the noted calligrapher, painter and writer of the Joseon era. Shin Saimdang's work was so influential that she is depicted on Korea's 50,000-Won bill.

It also shows Song Seung Hoon, playing Lee Gyeom, the man whose life changes after he meets Shin.

In the teaser Lee Young Ae's college professor character discovers a mysterious portrait that somehow transports her back in time. It also shows Song Seung Hoon's character lovingly looking at her Joseon era counterpart.

The drama will be Lee Young Ae's first appearance on the small screen in more than a decade. Her last drama, "Dae Jang Geum" was the 10th highest-rated k-drama of all time, with viewer ratings of over 50 percent in Korea. In 2014 Lee Young Ae was offered a part in the "Dae Jang Geum" sequel but declined the role.

According to the production company, Group 8, the show will be aired simultaneously in both Korea and China. "Dae Jang Geum" was also popular in China and Lee Young Ae is well known there as a result. Song Seung Hoon is also a well-known actor in China, having appeared in the Chinese film "The Third Way Of Love." He is currently dating Liu Yifei, his Chinese co-star in the film. His last small screen appearance was in the Korean melodrama 'When A Man Loves."

'Shin Saimdang: The Herstory" is expected to air in the first half of 2016.

Producer Yun Sang Ho, who directed "The Legend" and "Tamna the Island," will direct 'Saimdang: The Herstory." Park Eun Ryung will write the script. The drama also stars Park Hae Soo, Yoon Ye Joo and Yoon Da Hoon.

The drama has already been syndicated through Turner Entertainment Company to China, Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

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