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'Remember' Remains At 16.4 Percent As The Drama Escalates To New Levels

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 15, 2016 09:40 AM EST


Ratings for the SBS courtroom drama, "Remember" remained steady, with no increase or decrease, as Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) reeled from the sudden death of his father, Seo Jae Hyuk (Jeon Kwang Yeol). 

According to the January 14 report published by Nielsen Korea, "Remember" recorded 16.4 percent in nationwide viewership with its tenth episode, maintaining the same percentage of its ninth episode. 

Episode 10 placed viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, as Jin Woo and Lee In Ah (Park Min Young) fully uncovered the extent of corruption within the police department and prosecutors office, as influenced by the crushing wealth of In Ho Group. 

Jin Woo begins to suspect the motives of attorney Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong) and realizes that he has attempted to aid the cause of exonerating his father while appearing to be a dedicated right-hand man of Nam Gyu Man (Nam Goong Min). 

After discovering the duplicitous nature of the head prosecutor, In Ah tearfully resigns, angering her mother, who is aware of the motivations behind her actions. 

In Ah seeks refuge in Jin Woo, who allows her to stay overnight, creating a hilarious misunderstanding in the morning. No longer a prosecutor, In Ah joins the ragtag legal team led by Jin Woo, to aid his father.

However, their actions prove to be fruitless, as the episode concludes with the death of Jae Hyuk.

While the departure of Jae Hyuk placed a somber note on the drama, it opens the door for the development of the love line of Jin Woo and In Ah. 

"The Merchant Gaekju 2015" experienced an increased in viewership. The KBS2 period drama climbed from 11th place to the eighth spot in primetime programming, recording 11.4 percent in nationwide viewership, an increase in 0.7 percent from its previous episode.

Meanwhile, ratings for the MBC drama, "Sweet Savage Family," decreased to 4.0 percent.  

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