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'Reply 1988' : Hyeri And Park Bo Gum Kiss In The Penultimate Episode

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 15, 2016 08:51 AM EST


Team Jung Hwan fans may be disappointed with by turn of events in "Reply 1988," as Taek (Park Bo Gum) and Duk Sun (Hyeri) were revealed as a romantically entangled couple in the penultimate episode of the series. 

"Reply 1988" director Shin Won Ho brilliantly unfurls scenes from previous episodes which depict Duk Sun and Taek, providing audiences with the back story of their burgeoning love. 

Before their relationship is revealed, Taek meets with Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) and is impressed by the respect he receives from soldiers on the base.

However, his visit is not just a friendly interlude. He attempts to ask about the photo of Duk Sun that Jung Hwan once carried in his wallet, but his lifelong buddy dismisses his questions, effortlessly.

Duk Sun is shown with other flight attendants who are also on a trip to Beijing, China. They are staying at the same hotel as Taek, who is accompanied by his manager.  She carefully hands over a porridge that she brought with her from Korea, knowing that Taek has likely refrained from eating, but will consume what she brought. 

Viewers are reminded of the ninth episode when Duk Sun accompanied Taek during his pinnacle Chinese match. During this trip, she meticulously cared for him, quietly bringing a heating blanket and consulting with the hotel concierge to request his favorite meals, like a special dish from a nearby Japanese restaurant. 

Episode 19 was rife with clues that led audiences and critics to determine that Taek, the quiet yet beloved baduk player, is likely the future husband of Duk Sun, not Jung Hwan. 

In a future scene set within 2016, the older couple reveals that their first kiss was in 1989, but then retract their statement because Duk Sun was still young at the time and instead reveal that they kissed in 1994. 

While a previous kiss between Taek and Duk Sun was depicted as a dream sequence, they actually locked lips before he went to sleep. Duk Sun remained in his room, watching him sleep, and contemplating her feelings for him.

"Reply 1988" concludes on January 16, with the promise of nuptials, but happy couple who will be wed has yet to be revealed.  

What are your thoughts about the revelation that Duk Sun was dating Taek? Do you think there is still a chance for Jung Hwan? Comment below. 

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